Thermo SCIENTIFIC Cellomics ArrayScan VTI

Facility ThermoSCIENTIFIC cellomics array scan VTI

The 3D Facility Cellomics microscope is a high capacity, high throughput & fully automated single cell epifluorescent microscopy platform located in a full Biosafety level 2 room. This powerful instrument can image up to 6 channels (including bright-field) allowing complex multiplexing and acquisition of an array of biological parameters at once.

The facility manager provide full assistance to develop any high throughput assays that the facility user would require.

Instrument details:
• State of the art Zeiss Oberver Z1 epifluorescent microscope
• 4 Powerful color LED light engine source for live multicolor fluorescent experiments (Excitation: 386nm, 485nm, 549nm, 650nm)
• Versatile fluorescence imaging with the emission filters ranging from 500 – 750nm
• Transmitted light pictures with the removable brightfield module
• Temperature & CO2 control environment in the Live cell chamber allows study of parameters over time
• Automatic loading of plate stacks with the CRS CataLyst Express robotic arm
• Automatic focusing with proprietary focusing system
• Advanced data visualization & analysis with the Cellomics Scan and View software

• Analysis of cell structure and organelles
• Cell viability (1)
• Proliferation (1)
• Apoptosis (1, 2)
• Autophagy (3, 4)
• Mitochondrial health (5)
• Mitotic index (6)
• Oxidative stress (7)
• DNA damage (8)
• Phospholipidosis and steatosis (9)
• Endocytosis (10)

And many more…

Early detection of apoptosis in islets cells treated with hydrogen peroxide. Source – 3D Facility.

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