PerkinElmer IVIS Spectrum

Left: PerkinElmer IVIS; right: 3D virtual tomography of mouse. Source – PerkinElmer

The 3D Facility IVIS is a high throughput multimodal non invasive 3D imager in a full Biosafety level 2 animal room. Our imager has a high sensitivity optical detector coupled to a spectral unmixing capabilities.

Instrument details:
• In vivo mouse, rat imaging
• Bioluminescent & fluorescent in vivo imager
• In-vivo 3D molecular imaging with virtual 3D tomography (digital mouse atlas) and 2D imaging capabilities
• Spectral unmixing allows detection and separation of multiple reporters within the same animal
• 10 narrow band excitation filters: 415 – 760nm (30nm bandwidth)
• 18 narrow band emission filters: 490 – 850nm (20nm bandwidth)
• Excite fluorophores from the visible to the NIR
• Monitor up to 5 mice or 2 rats at once
• High-resolution – down to 20 microns

• 2D & 3D whole body evaluation of tumor burden
• 2D & 3D whole body fluorescent distribution of fluorescent & bioluminescent reporters

And many more….

left: DLIT, right: FLIT reconstructions overlaid of implanted P3CM cells expressing luciferase. Source – PerkinElmer