Nikon A1R 2-photon microscope

Left: Nikon A1R MP microscope; right: 3D rendering of alpha-cells in an isolated mouse islet. Source-3D Facility

The 3D Facility Nikon A1R 2-photon microscope is an ultra-fast, multi-color instrument designed for a multitude of in-vivo imaging applications in living specimens in a full Biosafety level 2 room.

Instrument details:
• Spectral detector in 2-photon mode: image up to 6 different fluorescent probes at once.
• IR non-descanned PMT detector: high-sensitivity & high-resolution
• Resonant scanner: ultrafast imaging up to 400 frames/sec
• High-power & tunable 700 – 1000nm Ti:Sapphire laser (with auto alignment feature) for deep imaging
• Stage Piezoelectric micrometer Z drive & Objective Nano positioning system: very fast and very accurate 3D imaging and positioning
• Fully customizable stage for in-vivo studies with ventilator assisted anesthesia capabilities
• Stereotaxic instrument available for in-vivo imaging on rodent head

• 3D and volume imaging for visualization & analysis studies
• In-vivo imaging studies
• Live cell studies
• Cell structure studies with high resolution pictures
• Ultrafast calcium transient studies
• Voltage-sensitive fluorescent studies
• Colocalization studies

And many more….

Left: pictures of bovine pulmonary artery cell stained for nucleus (bleu), mitochondria (red) and actin (green); right: high resolution picture of mitochondria. Source-CFI 3D Facility
Spectra detector and spectra unmixing capability on pictures of bovine pulmonary artery cell stained for nucleus (bleu), mitochondria (red) and actin (green). Source – CFI 3D Facility
3D in-vivo imaging of vessels in pancreatic islets transplanted in mouse eye ball. Source – Dr. Herbert Gaisano, University of Toronto.