Meso Scale Discovery Sector 2400A

Left: Facility Meso Scale reader; right: measurement of hormones and cytokines in mouse blood. Source – Dr. Patricia Brubaker, University of Toronto.

The 3D Facility Meso Scale instrument is a multi-array reader providing a very high sensitivity , high dynamic range & low background performance  on small volume samples in a full Biosafety level 2 room.

Instrument details
• Unsurpassed performance and quality: Electrochemiluminescence is a detection system that achieves clinical quality data in a variety of sample types, including cell supernatant, serum, plasma, and whole blood.
• MULTI-ARRAY technology with Mesoscale assays: up to 10 different measurements in the same sample
• Highly sensitive & wide dynamic range to avoid sample dilution
• Low background: the stimulation method (electricity) is decoupled from the signal (light) allowing only labels near the electrode surface to be detected.
• Easy to use: immunoassay method similar to conventional ELISA, but quicker.
• Great flexibility: labels are stable, non-radioactive, and conveniently conjugated to biological molecules.

• Endocrinology and metabolism: library of 120 assays targeting metabolites and endocrine hormones
• Immunology & inflammation: Extensive library (200) of human, mouse, rat & primate cytokines & chemokines, neuroinflammation
• Cardiovascular research: cardiac biomarker, growth factors, hypoxia
• intracellular signaling: GPCR-ligand binding proteins, phosphoproteins, ubiquinated proteins
• Neurobiology & neurodegeneration: Alzheimer disease and neuroinflammation
• Toxicology: cardiac injury, kidney injury, liver injury, muscle injury, natriuretic peptide