Bruker In-Vivo Xtreme

Left: Facility Bruker Xtreme; middle & right: mouse standard and high resolution X-ray pictures. Source – 3D Facility

The Facility Bruker instrument is a state-of-the-art non invasive imager which offers 5 different imaging modalities to maximize experimental capabilities in a full Biosafety level 2 animal room.

Instrument details:
• In-vivo mouse and rat non invasive imaging
• True microfocus X-ray head for high resolution imaging
• Bright field, X-Ray, radioluminescent, bioluminescent & fluorescent in vivo imager
• 2D imaging capabilities
• Geometric magnification stage for high resolution imaging
• High speed X-ray head 500 μA, Energy range: 20-45 kVp
• Powerful 400W Xenon illuminator
• 28 narrow band excitation filters (410 – 750nm) & 6 high sensitivity emission filter up to 830nm
• Spectral unmixing allows detection and separation of multiple reporters within the same animal
• Excite fluorophores from the visible to the NIR
• Monitor up to 5 mice at once

• Bone density
• Dual energy X-ray for quantitative measurement of peripheral and visceral fat
• 2D whole body evaluation of tumor burden
• 2D whole body fluorescent distribution of fluorescent, bioluminescent & radioluminescent reporter

And many more….

Left: NIR fluorescence imaging of liver uptake of ICG in rat. right: In vivo imaging of ICG distribution in rats after subcutaneous injection. Source – Bruker BioSpin