Left: Facility BMG PHERAstar plate reader; right: time lapse calcium imaging performed in Min6 pancreatic cell line. Source – 3D Facility

Multimodal (luminescense, fluorescence, absorbance) & time resolved FRET compliant plate reader in a full biosafety level 2 room

Instrument details:
• Multimodal capabilities: luminescence, absorbance, fluorescence (Intensity mode: exc 485nm, em 520nm; exc 485nm, em 610nm; exc 575nm, em 610nm; Polarization mode: exc 485nm, em 520nm & 520nm; HTRF mode: exc 337nm, em 665nm & 620nm)
• Fully automated with plate stackers for high volume plate reading
• 2 Built-in automated injectors allow simultaneous reagents injection and reading measurements
• Well spectrum (220 -1000nm) capabilities in absorbance
• Well scanning (absorbance, luminescence & fluorescence) to precisely select the region of interest in non-homogeneous samples like cell-based assays

• Biomarkers, hormones, cytokines, kinases measurements: fluorescent TR-FRET, fluorescent emission, absorbance
• Protein interaction, binding & quantification: fluorescent polarization & fluorescent emission & TR-FRET
• Enzyme activity: fluorescent polarization or fluorescent emission
• Gene expression: luminescent intensity kinetic measurements with onboard reagents dispensers (Dual Luciferase Reporter Assay)
• Nucleic acid quantification: absorbance & fluorescent emission
• Protein-nucleic acid interaction: fluorescent emission
• SNP genotyping: fluorescent emission
• Calcium imaging: fluorescent intensity kinetic measurements with onboard reagents dispensers
• Cell viability & cytotoxicity: luminescent & fluorescent emission

And many more….

Left: example of well spectrum data;right: example of well scanning data. Source – BMG